Conflict – Old Foes And Renaissance Era Battle Tactics; The Perfect Recipe For Ultra Death.

Round after round pumped through the naked air as Brandon let loose with the 50 calibre machine gun… 


The Skull and Bones Boys ship was swaying, taking heavy damage.  They were responding with the best weaponry they had, including mortar shells; but what they didn’t know is that the Beer and Flies vessel had a sonic shield surrounding their hull.  This meant that any incoming rounds were diverted by the bass and electric guitar leads from the amps while still allowing outward going projectiles to hit their target.  


This was facilitated by complex Scalar energy physics that the Skull and Bones Boys had no way of comprehending with their 3D thinking; another one of the Doctor’s ingenious ideas.  


‘We need head shots,’ shouted the Captain, as he took a bullet directly in the arm, over the roar of the 50 calibre machine gun and half the crew’s small arms that were hammering rounds across the narrowing distance between the ships.  Brandon was sweating profusely, huddled over the enormous weapon, ‘I’m trying Captain!’


‘How did that bullet get through?’ said the Captain, reeling from the blow.

‘The shield, it’s running out!’ shouted the Doctor.


‘You,’ said the Captain, pointing at me, ‘we might need a rescue operation, so go with the Masters of the Ship and be prepared to set sail in the life boat.’

‘What do you mean the lifeboat?  Aren’t we safe within the sonic field?’

‘We are, or were for now, but Nicole isn’t, understand, so you’re going to get out there with the Masters to rescue her,’

‘What?’ I said…

‘There’s no time for questions, just get to it!’ said the Captain, turning back the battle.

‘Okay,’ I said cautiously… as I walked lifelessly off in the direction of the lifeboat.

‘Don’t worry,’ said the Captain, ‘they’ll explain everything.’ 

‘Lifeboat my ass,’ I said, ‘more like a mission impossible suicide cult death boat…’

‘What was that?!’ said the Captain.

‘Uh, yes Sir, right on it…’ I replied. 

‘Good.’ said the Captain, shouting something in Ziv’s ear. 


The fury of machine guns, mortar shells and light arms was deafening and most of the dolphins in the area had wisely gotten out.  I could do with a drink I thought, as I passed the ship’s bar, but already, the Masters of the Ship were beckoning to me over the impenetrable noise, ‘This way, this way,’ they hollered.




Meanwhile, back at the hotel, Nicole strolled into the lobby, wearing a lovely summer dress.  

Addressing the concierge at reception, she asked, ‘Have you seen the band?’

‘Yes, Mam, they left a few hours ago, and they seemed in a hurry.’

‘How strange,’ said Nicole, ‘just like them though to get themselves caught up in some kind of madness when we should all be resting before the tour.’

‘Did you have a nice day, Mam?’ asked the concierge, fishing for a tip. 

‘Yes, it was lovely thanks, I visited a koala sanctuary this morning; and with all of those koalas around me it felt like I was in a toy shop surrounded by teddy bears!’

‘Excellent, Mam, is there anything else I can get for you?’ said the concierge. 

‘Absolutely, a Bloody Mary and a seat by the pool, thank you!’




A desperate message came up from the bowels of the ship, ‘Captain, the sonic shield is running low, we haven’t got enough fuel to maintain it, what should we do?’

‘Ram the vessel,’ said the Captain, without missing a beat, blood pouring from his arm. 

‘Yes Sir,’ came the tinny voice through the intercom.

As the shield ran low the Beer and Flies powered up their engine, and began to head directly into the gun and mortar fire of the Skull and Bones Boys.  

‘Get ready,’ said the Captain, to the Masters of Arms, ‘we’ll cover you, but then you head straight into them behind us, to save the day.’

‘Yes Sir, we’re on it, ready to go on your command.’ said Scott, ‘just give us the word.’


Oh God I thought, this is insane, I could still see the bullets ripping through the water, and the minute we were out the protective sonic shield we’d be sunk. 




Scott and Jay were loading ammunition cases into the lifeboat while I was feeling dizzy. 

‘Pass that down will you?’ said Jay, as Scott handed him an AR-40, ‘and the ammo’ said Jay, ‘we’re going in O.K. Corral style today.’


The Beer and Flies Vessel powered through the water, it was going to be a direct hit.  

‘On my command,’ said the Captain, his arm pouring blood. 




‘Now!’ shouted the Captain; Scott released the switch and the lifeboat dropped into the water as the main pirate vessel swerved sideways and, nearly going over itself, crashed directly into the hull of the Skull and Bones Boys’ ship.  


The waves nearly toppled our tiny dinghy but we somehow hung on, or at least Scott did at the ruder, manoeuvring us on the rip current to slide under the line of fire of the Skull and Bones Boys before they knew we were even there.


Above our heads, the gun fire had intensified.  

‘Hold your nerve,’ said Jay to me, ‘here, take this, it’ll make you feel better,’ passing me a Glock. 

‘Thanks,’ I said, as our lifeboat sat nestling between the two dangerous warships, like a dandelion seed on the breeze. 


Suddenly a rope ladder went down from the Skull and Bones Boys ship as a dingy of their own dropped with a splash into the water. 


‘They’re trying to make a get away!’ said Scott, and before I knew it I had unloaded a full magazine into the back of the man climbing down the rope.

‘Nice one!’ said Jay, ‘maybe you do have a future in pirating after all.’


I’m not sure if it was the Mojito I’d had earlier, but the blood was pumping in my head, and the next thing I knew I had grabbed an AR-40 and was scaling the rope ladder of the Skull and Bones ship with Jay and Scott close behind me, all armed to the teeth.   


The Beer and Flies vessel had struck the centre of the Skull and Bones Boys ship, cracking a huge hole in their hull; ‘Now, go, go, but don’t forget this is a hostage rescue situation!’ said the Captain over the noise of the crash. 


The sonic shield was collapsing into a vortex of Scalar physics, and the enemy bullets were flying across the deck of the Beers and Flies ship.  


‘Fire, fire at will!’ shouted the Captain as he launched himself across the bridge of the ship, picking up a shotgun and firing rounds at the deck of the Skull and Bones Boys ship, ‘We’ll give you cover!’


We got up the ladder and mowed down a few of their crew and then huddled behind a box of ammunition; Jay said, ‘Right, let’s get to the bridge, and take control of this nightmare…’

‘Is that possible?’ asked Scott. 

‘It has to be,’ said Jay, ‘or we’re all dead!’




Back at the hotel, Nicole was sunning herself by the pool. 

‘Hello, little peacocks, how you doing?’ she said vaguely, sipping her Bloody Mary, wondering if the rest of the band were alright.  The peacock looked at her with worried eyes.


Suddenly, on an instinct, Nicole got up, realising that the fate of the band was in her hands.  



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