Beer and Flies Band

From out of the elusive morning mist the Beer and Flies Band pirate vessel sailed through the choppy seas; the Captain at the Controls in the Bridge, with Ziv, Radarman, by his side, scanning the vast oceans for island coves and enemy ships with the military grade Radar Magnetron equipment. Perched above the Bridge in his armoured Crow’s Nest, Brandon Davis manned the 50 Calibre mounted machine gun, ever ready to fire at will. In the Engine Room below deck, Bad Brad oversaw the complex machinery that powered the ship, with the help of Jay Michaels and Scott Foster Harris, Masters of the Ship. Above the Engine Room, in the ship’s Bar, Mad Myx, the Ship’s Doctor, read through ancient books, looking for clues of long lost treasure and forgotten medical concoctions; while David, the Quartermaster, ensured that supplies were always kept well stocked, no matter what it took. The Beer and Flies Band had originally taken to the High Seas for reasons unknown to roam the World; from the tropical waters of the Caribbean to the icy Antarctic wilderness, from the smugglers bays of East Asia to the shores of Europe - nothing was out of their reach.